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In April 2013, the famous Korean trummer Sori Choi performed live at St. Poelten University in Austria. The video of this performance was produced by students of media technology (bachelor) and digital media technologies (master).

The Crew:
Musician: Sori Choi (Seoul, South Korea)
3D-Animation: Bruno Filipe Duarte-Goncalves
Video Projection: Bruno Filipe Duarte-Goncalves
Lighting Design: Lukas Ossinger, Thiemo Kastel
Video Technology: Christoph Thalinger
Camera: Marion Kesmaecker, Christian Gradl
Audio Recording: Astrid Drechsler
Audio PostProduction: Astrid Drechsler
Video Post Production: Marion Kesmaecker
Organization: Rosmarie Tomasch
Director: Thiemo Kastel

Institute for Creative\Media/Technologies, IC\M/T 2013
St. Poelten University of Applied Sciencessorichoi_productioncrew_april2013_websorichoi_bluesorichoi_red